Bodeghem (Beughem or Boghem), Lodewijk van

Bodeghem (Beughem or Boghem), Lodewijk van
(ca. 1470-1540)
   An architect and a merchant dealer in stone, Lodewijk Van Bodeghem was born in Brussels about 1470. His most important work was the church of Brou in Bourg-en-Bresse in Savoy, France (1515-1532), for which he drew up plans and supervised the work under a commission from Margaret of Austria. One of the last architects of the Late Gothic Brabant style, he worked on plans for the Maison du Roi and drafted designs for the Chapelle du Saint-Sacrement in the Cathédrale des Saints-Michel-et-Gudule. He died in Brussels in 1540.

Historical Dictionary of Brussels. .

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