Urban Planning

Urban Planning
   Urban planning is of recent origin in Brussels. Following World War II, there was little coordinated planning. A 1962 national law allowed for planning at national, regional, subregional, and local levels. A land use plan (Plan de Secteur de Bruxelles) was drafted in 1979, but it had limited effect. Urban planning began in earnest with creation of the Brussels Capital Region in 1989. Spatial planning was organized on two levels—regional and municipal. A land use plan for the region—Plan régional d'Affectation des Sols—and plans for smaller areas within municipalities— Plans particuliers d'Affectation des Sols — are in place. A law of November 1993 established a contractual framework between the region and the communes with the aim to rejuvenate rundown neighborhoods. In 1999, the federal government began giving annual grants to the Brussels Capital Region for urban improvements.
   A study commissioned in 1986 led to the publication of a report "Espace Bruxelles Europe" in 1988 and to a law in 1992 to protect the residential character of the emerging European district. However, neighborhood committees have claimed that the growth of office space has not been reduced.

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