Riches-Claires, Rue des/Rijkeklarenstraat

Riches-Claires, Rue des/Rijkeklarenstraat
   The Riches-Claires nuns established a convent in 1343 near the porte de Hal. It was destroyed by Calvinists in 1578 and was subsequently moved to the center of the city on this street. The complex of buildings included a church, designed by Luc Fayd'herbe (1616-1697), convent, and school offering free instruction to the children of the poor, bakery, brewery, and gardens. In 1783, the house was disbanded under the decree dissolving many religious houses issued by Emperor Joseph II. The order was abolished in 1796 during the French regime and the grounds were used to shelter French troops. They were sold in 1805, except for the church.
   The street was laid out in 1867. In 1981, the city's central library was located here.

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