Marché aux Herbes, Rue du/Grasmarktstraat

Marché aux Herbes, Rue du/Grasmarktstraat
   The street constitutes a branch of the Steenweg ("stone road") that linked Flanders and the Rhineland in the early history of Brussels. In 1219, the city's fish market was set up here, which remained until 1604 when Archduke Albert and Archduchess Isabella transferred it to the banks of the Senne River. It was replaced by vegetable sellers in the 17th century, many moving from the Grand' Place. The locale was then known as Groentemerkt (vegetable market) or Gerstenmerkt (barley market), which was translated into French in the 18th century as Marché aux Herbes (vegetable market). A large butcher's market (Grande Boucherie) was founded here in the 13th century. The building that housed butcher's stalls was used until the beginning of the 20th century. It collapsed on 9 May 1917 and the Nouveau Palais, a complex of offices and shops, was built on the site in 1929.

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