Blijde Inkomst

Blijde Inkomst
   See Joyeuse Entrée

Historical Dictionary of Brussels. .

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  • Joyeuse Entrée/Blijde Inkomst —    A charter of liberties granted by Duchess Joan to Brabant on 3 January 1356, the Joyeuse Entrée entailed a codification of earlier customary rights in detailing the mutual obligations of the citizens of the duchy and their sovereign. It… …   Historical Dictionary of Brussels

  • JOYOUS Entry (blijde Inkomst) —    The charter given by Joanna of Brabant (1322–1406) to her subjects in 1356. It guaran teed involvement in matters of justice, administration, and finances. It is also the name of the festivity organized by an important city in order to welcome …   Historical Dictionary of the Netherlands

  • Joyous Entry — A Joyous Entry ( Blijde Intrede , Blijde Inkomst , or Blijde Intocht in Dutch, Joyeuse Entrée in French) was the first official peaceable visit of a reigning monarch, prince, duke or governor into a medieval city, mainly in the Duchy of Brabant… …   Wikipedia

  • Brabanter Erbfolgekrieg — Geviertes Wappen der Herzöge von Brabant und Limburg. Im Brabanter Erbfolgekrieg von 1356–1357 setzte die älteste Tochter von Herzog Johann III. (1300–1355), Johanna von Brabant (1322–1406), ihren Erbfolgeanspruch gegen ihre beiden jüngeren… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Joanna, Duchess of Brabant — (June 24 1322 ndash; November 1 1406), was the heiress of Duke John III, who died in Brussels, December 5, 1355. The famous document, the foundation of the rule of law in Brabant called the Blijde Inkomst ( Joyous Entry ), was arrived at in… …   Wikipedia

  • Philip I of Castile — Infobox Spanish Royalty|monarch name=Philip I title=King of Castile and Léon, Count of Artois and Flanders, Count Palatine of Burgundy caption= coronation= full name= succession=King of Castile reign=1503 1506 predecessor=Isabella I and Ferdinand …   Wikipedia

  • Jan Frans Vonck — Johannes Franciscus Vonck (born in Baardegem on 29 November 1743 died in Rijsel on 1 December 1792) was a lawyer and one of the leaders of the Brabant Revolution from 1789 1790. This Revolution led to the founding of the United States of Belgium… …   Wikipedia

  • Hendrik Van der Noot — Hendrik Karel Nicolaas van der Noot (Brussels, 1731 01 07 Strombeek, 1827 01 12) was a jurist, lawyer and politician from Brabant. He was one of the main players of the Brabant Revolution (1789 1790) against the Austrian rule of Emperor Joseph… …   Wikipedia

  • Brabant (historisches Gebiet) — Wappen der Herzöge von Brabant Brabant [ bra:bant] ist ein historisches Gebiet, das in etwa aus den belgischen Provinzen Antwerpen und Brabant (heute geteilt in Flämisch Brabant, Wallonisch Brabant und die Hauptstadtregion Brüssel) sowie der im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Brabanter Revolution — Flagge der Brabanter Revolutionäre. Auf die Farbgebung dieser Flagge geht die spätere Flagge Belgiens zurück. Am 24. Oktober 1789 brach die Brabanter Revolution aus. Sie fand damit nahezu zeitgleich zu anderen Revolutionen statt, stand aber unter …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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