Boterham, Rinaldo

Boterham, Rinaldo
   Rinaldo Boterham, the name by which Arnt van der Dussen was known, played an important role as a loom setter and, above all, as a merchant marketing tapestries in Italy during the 15th century.
   Born in Brussels, Boterham traveled to Italy, where, in February 1449, he was appointed "master weaver" in service to the court of the Gonzagas, rulers of Mantua. Loom setters from the Low Countries were active in Mantua since at least 1420, and it is known that Boter-ham traveled several times a year to Brussels to purchase tapestries for sale and to Italy to procure designs drafted by Italian artists, which then served as the basis for tapestries woven by Brussels's weavers. No works of his own creation are known. Boterham served as a town councillor in Brussels in 1482 and 1483.

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